Indian Union Budget 2021 Wishlist: Diwakar Nigam, CMD, Newgen Software

By Diwakar Nigam

Union Budget 2021-22 Wishlist: Diwakar Nigam, Chairman and Managing Director, Newgen Software
Diwakar Nigam

"The pandemic has impacted businesses globally. During this period, the software industry has played a crucial role in accelerating digital adoption for the Indian economy. While many economy-boosting steps have been taken by the government, further incentives under the ‘Make in India’ initiative, specifically for software product companies, would help boost product innovation and create more employment opportunities. Furthermore, the government should continue prioritizing investments for Digital India initiatives to build technological infrastructure and encourage digital transformation initiatives among enterprises.

As the popularity and relevance of remote access continue to grow, setting up data centres in the country will ensure further data security, privacy, and compliance. Streamlining processes related to special economic zones and labour laws governing the IT sector will also create a more conducive business environment. The government needs to extend corporate tax benefits across the board and further simplify the GST process to facilitate smoother business activities. Improvement in tax structures and rates and tax exemptions on IT exports will improve ease of doing business not only within the country but also outside India. India-based software product companies, regardless of their size, segment, or scale, should get additional benefits, under the ‘Make in India’ initiative, as their products get more utilization in and outside the country. This will help local players develop world-class products that can offer a tough competition to their western counterparts."

(Diwakar Nigam is Chairman and Managing Director at Newgen Software. Views are personal)

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